Physician's letter regarding Pvt. Waters

Keith Waters, a descendant of Private V. Waters of I Company, sent this letter explaining that Pvt. Waters was sent home on a Physician's advise, but still died at home 30 March 1865, and is buried at Macedonia Baptist Church in Stateboro, Ga. The letters reads:

(unreadable) County Nov. 18th, 1864
Jackson V. Waters, musician in the 9th Geo. Regt. has been under my treatment for several months. His health has improved recently-though until a few weeks ago no improvement was perceptible. His disease causes diarhea-produced by Hipatic derangement and indigestion
is abating and I think from a knowledge of the history of the case that he will improve much faster at his comfortable [home] than he [possibly] could in Hospital.
(signed) A H(missing)dry, MD
(possibly A. Hendry, MD of Bulloch's Troops, Taylor Creek, Ga.)

Submitted by Keith Norris

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