Sumter County, Georgia, Confederate Units 1861-1865

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The Peek Brothers, K Company, 9th Georgia Infantry
"The Americus Volunteer Rifles"
William (1860) and Jessie Peek (1861).
Courtesy of Ga. Dept. of Archives and History

Peek, William C.------- private June 11, 1861 . Died at Warwick House in Virginia September 15, 1861 . Buried in Confederate Cemetery at Lynchburg, Va. November 5, 2d Line, Lot 159.
Peek, Jesse M.----- private June 11, 1861 . Wounded at Rappahannock River, Va. August 25, 1862 . Surrendered, Appomattox, Va. April 9, 1865 .

The purpose of this page is to list all the units that formed in, or contained men from, Sumter County, Georgia during the War Between the States, and inform you of some of their experiences. If you had an ancestor that served in the CSA Army from Sumter County, he is probably listed on the "roster" of one of these units. This page is dedicated to those men...some of the finest soldiers the world has ever known....


Hello, my name is Neal Griffin, born in Americus, and I am responsible for this page. I had several relatives that served from Sumter county. The men that served the CSA sacrificed much, for what to them, seemed the right thing to do. Courage such as theirs needs to be recorded for posterity, not forgotten. If you have any questions, comments, or additional info, or discover an error, please 'E' mail me at:

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1853 pattern Enfield rifled musket, the primary firearm. Imported in large quantities by the South from England. Range-approx. 1 mile. Firing rate-3 to 4 times per minute.

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All units formed from the men of Sumter County were eventually sent to Virginia, where they became part of the Army of Northern Virginia, except the 2nd Georgia Cavalry, a part of the Army of Tenneessee. Every local unit had an exemplary record. In numerical sequence, they were:

Company "G" of the 2nd Georgia Cavalry..formed April of 1862 in Griffin, Ga.

Company "K" of the 4th Georgia Vounteer Infantry Regiment, the "Sumter Light Guards"..formed 27 April, 1861 in Americus, Ga.

Company "K" of the 9th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, the "Americus Volunteer Rifles"..formed 11 June, 1861 in Americus, Ga.

Company "C" of the 10th Georgia Infantry Battalion, the "Zollicoffer Riflemen"..formed 3 March, 1862.

Company "E" of the 10th Georgia Infantry Battalion, the "Granberry Guards"..formed 17 July, 1862 at Macon, Ga.

Companies "A" and "B", 11th Battalion of Georgia Artillery, the "Sumter Flying Artillery", or "Cutt's Battalion"..formed 6 July, 1861 in Americus, Ga.

Company "A" of the 12th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, the "Muckalee Guards"..formed 15 June, 1861 in Americus, Ga.

Company "H" of the 13th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, the "Panola Rangers"...joined by some men of Sumter County. Rather than going to Americus, they joined in adjacent Counties.

Company "H" of the 64th Georgia Volunteer Infantry..formed 25 July, 1863. Although not formed locally, this regiment contained some men from Sumter County.


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Battle Flag-Sumter Artillery | Battle Flag-9th Ga. | Battle Flag-64th Ga.

Casualty list-1864 | 9th Ga. Gettysburg report | Roster,Co. C,10th Ga. Battn.

Roster,Co E,10th Ga. Battn. | Recollections-Sgt.Young | SEARCH ENGINE!!-all Sumter County CSA men, EXCEPT the 11th Georgia
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...The 13th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Company "H" was added on information from John C. Murray, stating that about 12 men from Sumter County joined this unit, including his Great view a Muster Roll of Company H, the "Panola Rangers" click on Muster Roll of Co. "H", 13th Georgia Volunteer Infantry

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...a little known fact. One recipient of the "Confederate Roll of Honor", a rare honor granted to men "conspicuous for courage and good conduct on the field of battle" (the equivalant of the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor), was Private Henry F. Daniel of Americus. Private Daniel was given this award for his actions at the Wheatfield (Gettysburg, Pa.), 2 July, 1863.


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