Roster of Staff and photo of Col.Webb



Webb, John G: Captain June 11, 1861 . Wounded in left arm,
necessitating amputation at shoulder joint, at Ream's Station,
Va. August 25, 1864 . Elected Major October 26, 1864 ; Lieutenant
Colonel February 23, 1865 . from the Army War College in Carlisle, Pa. Sent to me by Mr. Bill Brown, who had a relative in the 9th.




Roster of Field, Staff and Regimental Band
9th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A.

Officers, commanders:

Goulding, Edwin Ross-Colonel.--------See Captain Co. E.

Turnipseed, Richard A. Colonel.----See Lieutenant Colonel.

Beck, Benjamin----Colonel.----See Captain Co. F.

Hoge, Edward F.--------See Lieutenant Colonel.

Turnipseed, Richard A.-Lieutenant Colonel June 11, 1861 .Elected Colonel April 15, 1862 . Resigned July 26, 1862 .

Mounger, John C. Lieutenant Colonel.----See Major.

Hoge, Edward F.---Lieutenant Colonel.----See Jr. 2d Lieutenant Co. G.

Webb, John G: Lieutenant Colonel.----See Major.

Mounger, John C: Major June 11, 1861 . Elected Lieutenant Colonel April 15, 1862 . Killed at Gettysburg, Pa. July 2, 1863 .

Jones, William M. Major.----See Captain Co. B.

Arnold, John W., Sr.--Major.----See 1st Lieutenant Co. C.

Webb, John G: Major.----See Captain Co. D.

Bacon, Augustus Octavius--Adjutant June 15, 1861 . Resigned,
disability, May 1862 . Appointed Captain and A. C. S. (to rank
from September 13, 1863 ), and ordered to report for duty at Savan-
nah, Ga. September 28, 1863 . Captured at Macon, Ga. April 20-21,
1865 .

Jones, John A.-Adjutant.----See 1st Sergeant Co. B.
Tupper, Henry Allen Chaplain June 15, 1861 . Resigned January 1862 .

Burnham, Joel C: Chaplain.----See private Co. D.

Jameson, David A. Sergeant Major.----See 1st Sergeant Ca. E.

Watkins, Elisha Pinson Quartermaster June 11, 1861 . Resigned
August 20, 1861 . Elected Lieutenant Colonel of the 3d Regiment Ga.
State Troops October 15, 1861 . Appointed Colonel P. A. C. S. and
assigned to the 56th Regiment Ga. Inf. May 15, 1.862. Captured at
Vicksburg, Miss. July 4, 1863 and paroled in 1863 . Resigned,
having been elected Senator of the 35th Senatorial District of
Georgia, February 21, 1865 .

Sutlive, John W.----Assistant Quartermaster.----See private Co. D.

Ray, Andrew C. Quartermaster Sergeant.----See private Co. E.

Caldwell, James M.---Quartermaster Sergeant.----See private Co. G.


Gordon, Granberry G. Surgeon.----See Captain Co. G.
Andrews, Henry Assistant Surgeon June 1861 . Transferred
August 1861 . Assigned to duty as Surgeon of the 11th Battn. Ga.
Light Artillery October 5, 1864 . Temporarily assigned as Surgeon
to the 14th Battn. Ga. Light Artillery in 1865 . Surrendered at
Greensboro, N. C. April 26, 1865 .

Butts, James A: Enlisted as a private in Co. H, 5th Regiment Ga.
Inf. May 11, 1861 . Elected 2d Lieutenant in 1861 . Appointed Assistant Surgeon, C. S. A., September 2, 1861 , and assigned to the
9th Regiment Ga. Inf. Resigned October 8, 1861 .

Terrell, R. M: Assistant Surgeon December 1861 . Appointed Sur-
geon June 23, 1862 . On detached duty in Field Infirmary February
1865 . Surrendered Appomattox, Va. April 9, 1865 .

Childs, Jared T.---Assistant Surgeon.----See Hospital Steward.

Beaty, Henry S.-Assistant Surgeon February 4, 1864 . Surrendered Appomattox, Va. April 9, 1865 .

Childs, Jared T.-Hospital Steward.----See 4th Sergeant Co. E.


Cowart, R. J.---Commissary June 11, 1861 . Resigned August 23,
1861 .

Tennille, Alexander St. C.-Assistant Commissary.----See private
Co. D.

Lewis, Elijah F. Commissary Sergeant.----See private Co. K.

Palmer, William D: Commissary Sergeant.----See private Ca. G.

Waddy, James E.-Assistant Commissary Sergeant.----See private
Co. A.

Regimental Band:

Carwile, James--Ensign.----See private Co. B.

Jenkins, Hugh---Chief Musician.----See private Co. F.

Austin, William R.---Musician.----See private Co. C.

Boutwell, Robert Musician.----See Musician Co. F.

Brewer, L. A: Musician June 25, 1861 . Surrendered Appomattox, Va. April 9, 1865 .

Bruner, Louis A: Musician.----See 3d Sergeant Co. K.

Drew, James F: Musician.----See private Co. E.

Ford, Mike-Musician.----See private Co. G.

Hanson, Samuel E.---Musician.----See private Co. E.

Henderson, J. F.---Musician.----See private Co. B.

Knox, B. L.--Musician.----See private Co. B.

Lane, Abram Hunter-Musician.----See 2d Sergeant Co. H.

May, J. P. Musician June 25, 1861 . Absent without leave
February 28, 1865 .

Morse, William C. Musician.----See private Co. E.

Peed, Henry L: Musician.----See private Co. E.

Tally, William J: Musician.----See private Co. G.

Waters, Jackson V. Musician.----See private Co. I.

Wolfe, Stephen M.---Musician.----See private Co. H.

Wood, John C. Musician.----See private Co. G.

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