Images (from Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes, and Tintypes) of soldiers in the Ninth Georgia Infantry Regiment, Hood's Division, Anderson's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia, Confederate States of America


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General George T. Anderson, Brigade Commander (Brigadier Gen.) Commanded 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th and 59th Georgia Regiments. (Wounded in action 2 July 1863 attacking the Wheatfield at Gettysburg.)

Colonel John Webb, Regimental Commander (Wounded in action 25 Aug. 1864 Ream's Station, Va.-left arm amputated)

Captain George Hillyer, C Company (Photo)
Captain George Hillyer (Portrait)

Lieutenant Alonzo Allen, B Company

Major William Jones, B Company (Wounded in action 2 July,1863 at Gettysburg, Pa.-wounded in action again 12 May 1864 at Spotsylvania, Va.-hospitalized; died 26 Oct. 1864)
Private James Jones, B Company
Private John Jones, B Company (Wounded in action 2 July, 1863 at Gettysburg, Pa.)

Corporal Enoch Johnson, K Company (Wounded in action 7 Oct. 1864 at Deep Bottom [Petersburg], Va.)

Private William Peek, K Company (Died 15 Sept. 1861 at Lynchburg, Va.)
Private Jesse Peek, K Company (Wounded in action 25 Aug. 1862 at Rappahannock River [2nd Manasses] Va.)

Private Leander Green, H Company (Wounded in action 12 or 13 Dec. 1862 at Fredericksburg, Va.)

Private Thomas J. Jones,Jr., D Company( His Father [Sr.] was captured at Gettysburg 2 July 1863, and died a P.O.W. 9 Nov. 1863)

Private Duncan Smith, G Company (Killed in action at Dam #1 [Yorktown, Va.], 27 June 1862)

Private James W. Conner, C Company (Captured 2 July 1863 at Gettysburg, Pa.)

Sergeant Major David Jameson, E Company
Private Henry Jameson, E Company (Killed in action 1 July, 1862 at Malvern Hill, Va.)

Private Malcolm McMullen, H Company (Wounded in action and captured at Gettysburg, Pa. 2 July, 1863)

3rd Sergeant Cuyler Nevill, I Company

5th Sergeant Joel Burnham, D Company (Chaplain)

Corporal Hamilton G. Moore, G Company

Private Isaiah Parrish, I Company (Wearing the "Southern Cross", wounded in action 28 April, 1863. )

First Sergeant Jesse Bateman, E Company (Wounded in action at The Wilderness 6 May, 1864. Hospitalized, arm amputated, died from wounds).

Corporal Robert Neal King, B Company (Postwar, circa 1880).

Private Chesley Alderman, I Company (Prewar?) (Wounded in leg and captured at Gettysburg, Pa. July 2, 1863 . Died from wounds and amputation of leg, in hospital near Gettysburg, Pa., July 19, 1863 . Awarded the highest CSA Award for bravery, the Confederate "Roll Of Honor")

Private James M. Renew, K Company (died in Richmond, Va. 2 January, 1862)

Private Robert A. Wood, B Company(wounded, captured and disabled at Gettysburg, July 1863)

Private James W. Ponder, K Company.

Private William H. Parker, K Company. Wounded at Rappahannock River, Va. August 25, 1862 ; Sharpsburg, Md. September 17, 1862

Private James Alexander Daniel, K Company. Wounded in leg, necessitating amputation, at Deep Bottom, Va. September 30, 1864 . Retired January 20, 1865 .

1st Lieutenant Willian Allen Hagin (Hagan), I Company.

(Brothers)(Postwar, June 1884). Lieutenant William A. Cobb and Pvt. Jacob W. Cobb, Jr., K Company.Lt. Cobb-wounded and disabled at Gettysburg, Pa. 3 July 1863.
Pvt. Cobb-wounded, captured and exchanged during the Seven Days Battle, June 1862. Wounded again in the Shennandoah Valley, May 1864.

Private James Robert Kelley, C Company. Killed in action at Spotsylvania, Va. May 9, 1864.

4th Corporal James Warlow Nash, G Company. Deserted April 14, 1864.

Private Samuel M. Wilkins, C Company.Received the "Southern Cross of Honor"

Private Jasper Dekalb Andrews, D Company.Wounded in action and captured at Knoxville, Tenn. 5 Dec. 1863

Private George W. Bath, I Company.Wounded in action at 2nd Manasses 30 August 1862. Captured at Gettysburg, Pa. 2 July 1863

Private Jabez M. Booker, A Company. Died in 24th Virginia Regiment hospital, 30 September, 1861.

Captain Thomas J. Hardee, H Company.Wounded in action (leg amputated) at Campbell's Station, Tenn. 16 Nov. 1863

Private Irving G. Whittle, H Company. Captured, Burkeville, Va. 1 April 1865.

Sgt. William C. Lee, F Company. Killed in action at The Wilderness, 6 May 1864.

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