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Viewers please note! I am not soliciting any award for this website. I sincerely appreciate the past awards this site has received, as I have an ego like everyone else, and an award winning website is positive reinforcement for effort and expression. However, I have reached the point where increasing demands on my time, require that most of my effort will be expended on research on the 9th Georgia regiment, and the men. Thanks......

Greetings Mr. Griffin,
You once took the time to review my web site and graciously awarded it
the highly coveted 9th Georgia Infantry Award.
If you are not tired of accolades for your fine effort then please
accept "Nelson's Sharps Site Award for a Sharp Site" in honor of the brave
lads that served Georgia so well...and also in recognition of your enjoyable
and informative web site.
Your site has spread the story and glory of Anderson's Brigade, the 9th
Georgia and your kin folk to a multitude of people and has reached out to
descendants so that they may share their stories also. Like the old soldier
salute hat is off to you.
Thank you for your kindness and best regards to you and yours.
Theo Bear
Sharps Carbine Issued to Pvt. Charles Nelson

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