Photo of Private Leander Green, Co. H, 9th Georgia Volunteer Infantry.


I am taking the liberty to forward to you a photo of my great great grandfather, Leander Green, veteran of the CSA, served in the 9th GA Regt GVI, Co. H. Leander joined on 1 March 1862, served until he wa taken prisoner of war at Petersburg around 11 June 1864. He was wounded in Dec 12 - 13 1862 near Fredericksburg, VA. spent a year recuperating, mostly in hospitals until October of 1863 when he was sent home for three months, during which time he was used by the Commissioners in Hamilton County, FL to distribute food and supplies to needy families whose husbands were fighting or who were widowed by the war. It is assumed this photo was taken during that three month time and shows the swelling of his left hand still evident from the GSW to his left arm. I own the original on glass plate and have sent several copies to friends and family. You may feel free to use this on your web site if you so desire. Thanks for the muster rolls for Company H., I have "copied and pasted" it to my computer. Sincerely, S. Martin Barker Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1315