The Ninth Georgia's Regimental Battle Flag

About 1/4 of the flag is missing (shot away), but looks like 48 (?) bullet holes in the remaining material.

The 9th Georgia's Battle Flag was selected by the Americus, Ga. Chapter 140 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, as the flag that they sponsored for restoration (April, 2003), and are due the credit for the effort. THANK YOU!

Mrs. Beth Usry, President
United Daughters of the Confederacy, Chapter 140
Leslie, Ga. 31764-2529

Description of 9th Georgia's Battle Flag:
Size; 56" long by 34 1/2" tall
Field; Red Bunting
Cross; Dark blue truncated bunting 7 3/4" wide
Stars; 13 (10 extant) white bunting 5" diameter
Attachment; a red bunting sleeve 1 1/2 " wide sewn along leading edge
Battle Honors; Malvern Hill (closest to leading edge), Sharpsburg (top), Gettysburg (trailing edge). Bottom portion (missing) is presumed to have a Battle Honor (unknown).I think it is possibly Second Manasses



The Regimental battle flag accompanied the Ninth Georgia in about 60 engagements, from minor skirmishes to major battles, and was never captured or surrendered. . The surviving flag was replaced by a new one on 25 Mar.,1865, and sent to Col. Edward Hoge's sisters, Lizzie and Katie, who originally presented it. They, in turn, donated the 9th's flag to the State of Georgia on 20 July, 1910. The flag surrendered at Appomattox on 9 April, 1865 was the new replacement flag, not the original. This flag is in the Capitol Collection in Atlanta, Ga.
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