Confederate P.O.W.'s at Camp Chase, Ohio in 1864

"privation in a land of plenty"........
Dedicated to the 2,229 Confederates that died, and the many thousands that suffered as POW's.


Photo sent to me by William (Bill) Brown of Fla., whose ancestor Pvt. James H. Brown of "I" Company, Ninth Georgia Infantry, (the 'Toombs Guards' of Bulloch County) spent several months there as a Confederate P.O.W.......... ( from "Ohio's Military Prisons in the Civil War", Ohio Historical Society File#977.1C235)
Brown, James H.------- private August 15, 186l. Captured at Bull's
Gap, Tenn. March 17, 1864 . Released at Camp Chase, 0. May 15,
1865 .(Born in Bulloch County, Ga. January 4, 1845.)

Portions of Confederate Capt. McNeil's dairy from 1864........
Monday, July 4..No rations are to be issued to those who charged the gate for two days. One man was wounded and found lying close by the gate.
Tuesday, July 5..O God, deliver us from this awful place!
Thursday, July 7..For the first time in this prison, we had roll call. We are ordered to remain on the north side of the ditch running through the center of the prison, east and west. Cloyd, from Wilson County, Tenn., was shot through the leg for trying to cross. He says he did not hear the order. His leg was amputated. His father was shot on the 4th instant (Ed.-instant was a term meaning "of this month"), and his arm amputated.
July 13..Two men shot today-one in the breast, the other in the thigh. Leg amputated. They were shot for throwing out a cup of water against orders. Both men were wounded by one ball.

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