10th Georgia Infantry Battalion, Company "C", the "Zollicoffer Riflemen"


Part of this roster is from "History of Sumter County, Georgia" by Jack Frank Cox. Library of Congress Catalog Number 83-050158. Published by W.H. Wolfe Associates, Roswell Ga. (used with permisison). Additional roster information supplied by Dennis Miller. Thanks for your valuable assistance! Dennis is writing a history of the 10th Georgia Infantry Battalion.
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(Listing is alphabetical)

Adderton, John L.- 2nd Lt.

Allen, William R.-5th Sgt.

Acock, Thomas-Pvt.

Adams, Andrew M.-Pvt.

Adams, Henry B.-Pvt.

Adkins, Absolom (or Andrew)-Pvt.

Aldred, E.S.-Pvt

Allen, Stephan Y.-Pvt.

Ansley, Thomas W.-Pvt.

Avery, Thomas A.-Pvt.

Ansley, Charles W.-Pvt.

Banks, John R.-Pvt

Barfield, John-Pvt

Bell, Benjamin F.-1st Lt.

Bell, Marcus D.-3rd Sgt.

Barwick, William V.-Pvt.

Blackshear, Hosea H.-Pvt

Bolton, James S.-Pvt.

Bolton, Robert S.-Pvt.

Boring, Issac W.-Pvt.

Brady, Wright-Pvt.

Britt, George-Pvt.

Broadfield, Charles D.-Pvt.

Buchanan, Anderson B.-Pvt.

Buchanan, Alonzo J.-Pvt.

Buchanan, Francis H.-Pvt.

Buchanan, Joseph H.-Pvt.

Bulloch, John-Pvt.

Burkin, (or Burkes), W.J.-Pvt.

Bryce, John A.-Pvt.

Busby, Jack-Pvt.

Camp, Clark-Pvt,

Cannon, George W.-Pvt.

Cannon, James M.-Pvt.

Cannon, Isaac B.-Pvt

Cannon, Warren C.-Sgt.

Carey, John C.-Pvt.

Carter, John D.-Musician

Carter, Lawson-Pvt.

Carter, Issac J.-Pvt.

Carter, Wiley T.-Pvt.

Castleberry, Henry-Pvt.

Castleberry, Isaac N.-Pvt

Champion, A.J.-Pvt.

Childers, D.-Pvt.

Cook, Isham N.A.-Pvt.

Cook, J.D.-Pvt.

Cox, John C.-Pvt.

Cutts, John, W.-Pvt.

Davenport, Smith G.-1st Sgt.

Davis, Jarred-Pvt.

Deese, Timothy W.-Pvt.

Dell, Capel G.-Pvt.

Dell, Jasper H.-pvt.

Dennis, Charles W.-Pvt.

Dykes, John J.-2nd Lt.

Dill, John H.-Pvt.

Dykes, Jordan J.-Pvt.

Dees, Benjamin F.-Pvt.

Dell, John,-Pvt.

Driver, Jasper-Pvt.

Driver, Thomas-Pvt.

Davis, D.J.-Pvt.

Easterling, Green W.-Pvt.

Felder, C.W.-Pvt.

Flowers, Augustus-Pvt.

Flowers, Jackson-Pvt.

Frazier, Nathaniel, Pvt.

Felder, John B.-2nd Cpl.

Finch, John W.-Pvt.

Flowers, Green-Pvt.

Ford, William-Pvt.

Freeman, W.S.M.-Pvt.

Fugate, William-Pvt.

Goodman, Henry (or Hardy)-Pvt.

Goolsby, John C.-Pvt.

Gwaltney, John-Pvt.

Green, Isaac C.-Pvt.

Griffin, James T.-Pvt.

Griffin, John J.-Pvt.

Goodman, Bryan-Pvt.

Giles, J.D.-Pvt.

Hall, John F.-Musician

Howell, John T.-4th Sgt.

Hadda, William J.-Pvt.

Harris, Dred-Pvt.

Hartley, J.Q.A.-Pvt.

Hauley (or Hanley), James-Pvt.

Heath, Moses G.-Pvt.

Heggs, James H.-Pvt.

Hilton, Christopher C.-Pvt

Hilton, George W.-Pvt.

Holley, Solomon H.-Pvt.

Holly, William T.-Pvt.

Holtz, James-Pvt.

Hudson, John Isaac-Pvt.

Haddoc, James-Pvt.

Hall, Freeman-Pvt.

Hall, Joel-Pvt.

Hall, Lorenzo-Pvt.

Hall, Solomon-Pvt

Johnson, Franklin-Pvt.

Johnson, James T.-Pvt.

Johnson, William H.-Pvt.

Joiner, John E.-Pvt.

Jones, Jason J.-Pvt.

Jones, John S.-Pvt.

Jones, Kendrick-Pvt.

Jay, Lewis E.-Pvt.

James, Alonzo-Pvt.

James, Benjamin F.-Pvt.

Kerbo, Charles H.-Pvt.

Kimmey, Jackson-Pvt.

King, Henry-Pvt.

King, William M.-Pvt.

Kitchens, Bose-Pvt.

Lansford, Wiley G.-Pvt.

Lester, John W.-4th Cpl.

Lewis, James J.M.-Pvt.

Lamp, Andrew J.-Pvt.

Lamp, Henry-Pvt.

Lamp, John B.-Pvt.

Lassiter, David-Pvt.

Levy, Solomon-Pvt.

Livingston, George W.-Pvt.

Lansford, Joseph L. Pvt.

Lansford, George W.-Pvt.

Lowry, John W.-Pvt.

Masey, Henry K.-3rd Cpl.

McLain, Wiley (or Wesley)-2nd Sgt.

McDonald, Angus-Pvt.

McDonald, John R.-Pvt.

McKnight, William A.-Pvt.

McLain, Thomas-Pvt.

Mathis, Francis M.-Pvt.

Meeks, John A.-Pvt.

Murray, Joseph-Pvt.

Merritt, william M.-Pvt.

Methvin, Benjamin F.-Pvt.

Miles, John E.-Pvt.

Miller, Benjamin-Pvt.

Miller, J.H.-Pvt.

Morris, William T.-Pvt.

Nailer, Isaac-1st Cpl.

Oliver, John L.-Pvt.

Outlaw, Peter D.-Pvt.

Patten, William A.-Pvt.

Perry, George-Pvt.

Perry, Jacob-Pvt.

Perry, John A.-Pvt.

Perryman, Haman-Pvt.

Pettis, Elijah F.-Pvt.

Price, John A.-Pvt.

Pritchett, Geason (or Gidden)-Pvt.

Patterson, Samuel-Pvt.

Powel, John-Pvt.

Priest, Henry-Pvt.

Ryelander, John E.-Capt.

Roach, Callier-Pvt.

Roach, David-Pvt.

Rosenbaun, Jonas M.-Pvt.

Sammons, John L.-Pvt.

Sanders, William E.-Pvt.

Saviz, Jason J.M.-Pvt.

Scott, Alonzo D.-Pvt.

Sewell, Ransome-Pvt.

Shackleford, James H.-Pvt.

Shackleford, John M.-Pvt.

Singleterry, James-Pvt.

Singleton, John-Pvt.

Snuggs, William A.-Pvt.

Smith, Asa T.-Pvt.

Spahs, Herman-Pvt.

Stallings, P.R.-Pvt.

Stanford, Nathaniel L.O.-Pvt.

Stewart, Benjamin F.-Pvt.

Stewart, James R.-Pvt.

Stewart, W.B.-Pvt.

Suggs, Oliver P.-Pvt.

Solomons, John L.-Pvt.

Taylor, Augustus R.-Pvt.

Thomas, Balaam-Pvt.

Tomlinson, James-Pvt.

Tinsley, William C.-Ensign

Tomlinson, William-Pvt.

Tooke, Jason T.-Sgt. Major

Tribble, John R.-Pvt.

Tyler, Woodson-Pvt.

Tolen, Woodson-Pvt.

Tindel, William H.-Pvt.

Toole, William B.-Pvt.

Williams, Jasper N.-3rd Lt.

Walsop, (or Waldrip), Egbert D.-Pvt.

Ward, John E.-Pvt.

Waxelbaum, Samuel-Pvt.

West, George S.-Pvt.

Williams, John D.-Pvt.

Williams, John R.-Pvt.

Wingate, Ferice C.-Pvt.

Wilbanks, James B.-Pvt.

Weaver, Benjamon (Benjamin?)-Pvt.

Weaver, William T.-Pvt.

Whitehead, Cicero M.-Pvt.

Wooldridge, Jackson, Pvt.

Yeomans, Allen C.-Pvt.

Yeomans, James A.-Pvt.

Youngblood, Jesse-Pvt.

Youngblood, Simeon-Pvt.

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