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Portrait of Capt. George Hillyer, who led the regiment at Gettysburg (the Wheatfield), after all senior officers were killed or wounded.(Click to enlarge)


C.S.A. Government Roll of Honor (Recognition of Valor) for the 9th Georgia at Gettysburg, click HERE!...Conspicuous for courage and good conduct on the field of battle.

"There were many officers and men who displayed a degree of daring and heroism which challenges admiration in the very highest degree, and the whole regiment behaved with its customary steadiness and devotion, as the loss of 189 out of 340 carried into the field will testify.".........Capt. George Hillyer, the fourth regimental commander (Col. John Mounger-killed, Maj. W.M. Jones-seriously wounded, Capt. J.M.D. King-mortally wounded) in his official report on actions at the Wheatfield, 2 July, 1863.(Regimental Battle Honor Awarded...Confederate "Roll of Honor" Awarded to 10 men in the Ninth Georgia for their actions.) "Dauntless, unyielding courage in the face of overwhelming odds".

"Deo Vindice", Latin for "GOD our Vindicator".

Civil War deadlier than previously thought? Old records were 620,000 dead. New research using pension and Census records is 750,000. To see the research, click HERE!

...."Dedicated to all Confederate Soldiers, who comprised the greatest army the world has ever known".. Lillian Henderson of "Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865".

The Daily Intelligencer (Atlanta newspaper)
September 25, 1863
Fellow Soldiers! Men of Georgia!
A ruthless foe is on your borders-almost at your very doors, and if not repelled, will desecrate the soil of our beloved State with his polluted and unhallowed tread; Will you suffer your homes to be desolated, your wives, sisters and mothers insulted and outraged by the vandal hordes of the North, who are destitute of humanity and strangers to all the laws and practices of civilized warfare? Our hope, our safety, our freedom, and all that men hold most dear, depend upon the stalwart arms and unflinching courage of our people. Rally, I beseech you, to your country's call! Go and battle side by side with your comrades in the field! Let none point the finger of scorn at you or your descendants after you, but rather live cherished in the memory of your country and the pride of your children's children; or be numbered with the once gallant and ever honored dead, whose names and memories will adorn the pages of future history.
G.W. Lee
Maj. and A.A.G.&c.

A prophetic quote "They do not know what they say. If it came to a conflict of arms, the war will last at least four years. Northern politicians will not appreciate the determination and pluck of the South, and Southern politicians do not appreciate the numbers, resources, and patient perseverance of the North. Both sides forget that we are all Americans. I foresee that our country will pass through a terrible ordeal, a necessary expiation, perhaps, for our national sins."-----Robert E. Lee, May 5, 1861.

William Faulkner, the great Southern writer, once said "There is no such thing as was-only is. If was existed, there would be no grief or sorrow."....how true that is. The Sesquicentennial (150 years) Commemoration of the war is remembered this year, with hundreds of scheduled ceremonies re-enacting events of the war. As for this website, my hope is that it be a gathering point for information on the brave men of the 9th Georgia Infantry regiment. If you have any information, photos, or suggestions, please contact me, Neal Griffin at ngriffin@9thGeorgiaInfantry.org I am also writing a Regimental history of this courageous regiment, not to romanticize or idealize them, but simply to tell their story.. Meanwhile, I am soliciting your assistance in finding as much information as possible; Official records can be found with a lot of research....however, letters, diaries, photos, and newspaper accounts tell the men's story from their viewpoint, and that is what I am attempting to do. It is an honor and priviledge to represent these men. I have been encouraged by many of you, friends and family, and several noted authors to take the next step, and write that book. That is in process now........Thank all of you for your support, as I have wanted to write most of my life, and your encouragement made the difference.

Want to know how to order a Grave Marker for your Confederate ancestor? (The S.C.V. Confederate "Cross of Honor", or a Headstone furnished by the V.A.) Click HERE!

[newgif]Newest pages....Letter by Pvt. Jacob Cobb of K Company (My GGGrandfather) detailing his capture of Federal Col., later Gen. Walker, click HERE!
.....Added 29th photo of men in the 9th Georgia Regiment, Pvt. William H. Parker of K Company, click HERE!
......Added 30th photo, Pvt. James Alexander Daniel of K Company (my GGreat Uncle), click HERE!
.......Added Confederate "Roll of Honor" Citation for Gettysburg, click HERE!
........Added 31st photo, 1st Lieutenant William Hagin (Hagan) of I Company, click HERE!
.........Added 32nd and 33rd photo, Lt. William A. Cobb and Pvt. Jacob W. Cobb, Jr. of K Company (my GGUncle and GGGrandfather), click HERE!
.........Added 34th photo (drawing), Pvt. James R. Kelley of C Company, click HERE!
..........Added 35th photo, 4th Cpl. James W. Nash of G Company, click HERE!
...........Added 36th photo, Pvt. Samuel Wilkins of C Company, click HERE!
...........Added 37th photo, Pvt. Jasper Dekalb Andrews, D Company, click HERE!
............Added 38th photo, Pvt. George W. Bath of I Company, click HERE!
.............Video of "The other Greatest Generation", rare footage of USA and CSA vets taken between 1913-1938, click HERE!
..............Added the movements from Va. to S.C. to Tenn., Sept-Oct. 1863, click HERE!
...............Added 22 names, previously Unknown, of 9th Ga. soldiers buried in Warrenton, Va., click HERE!
................Union Gen. Farnworth's Charge of 3 July 1863 at Gettysburg (Confederate right flank); 1st Tex., 9th Ga., and 4th Ala. defeat the 1st W.Va., 5th N.Y., 18th Pa. and 1st Vt. ( a senseless waste of brave men), click HERE!
.................Added 39th photo, Pvt. Jabez M. Booker of A Company, click HERE!
..................Added article on Major Jones' (wounded at Gettysburg, died in Richmond) body servant, Cyrus Jones, click HERE!
..................Added Sumter Republican article on life of Capt. James M.D. King HERE!
...................Added letter from Capt. James King to Gov. Joseph Brown HERE!
......................Added 40th photo, Capt. Thomas J. Hardee of H Company, click HERE!
.......................Added 41st photo, Pvt. Irving G. Whittle of H Company, click HERE!
........................Added 42nd photo, Sgt. William C. Lee of F Company, click HERE!
..........................Added 43rd photo, 1st Sgt. Russel M. Cassaday of G Company, click HERE!
...........................Posted copies of documents of the "Americus Volunteer Rifles", later K Company, click HERE!

I have spent hours in Gettysburg, "walking the ground". The Wheatfield, where the 9th Georgia fought, changed hands 6 times! This page contains information on the 9th Georgia's actions on 2 July, 1863 as they furiously attacked the Union line. The regiment went into action with 340 men, and lost 189. Casualties on both sides were about 50,000 men at Gettysburg, one of the bloodiest battles ever fought on American soil. Click HERE! to view the 9th's actions in the Wheatfield, and HERE! to view the 9th's location in the Wheatfield.

Three videos, 1 of Gettysburg, 1 of Fredericksburg, 1 of The Wilderness: You need DSL or cable to see these, as they require high bandwidth and a Flash player:

(Video) How it may have looked as Gen. Robert E. Lee rode to the troops at Gettysburg. Click HERE! How Southerners adored their leaders!

(Video) of the Irish Brigade attack at Fredericksburg. 24th Georgia defending the wall, 69th New York attacking. Click HERE! Brother against brother!

(Video) of the fierce fighting in The Wilderness, as Lee sent his troops in to nullify the Union's numeric advantage. Click HERE!

Photo of the actual bullet that wounded him, casualty report, newspaper article and photo of Corporal Enoch Johnson, click HERE!

Photo of the 1851 Colt Navy sidearm carried by Col. E.F. Hoge, click HERE!

The 9th Georgia's Battle Flag was selected by the Americus, Ga. Chapter 140 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, as the flag that they sponsored for restoration. The 9th Georgia's battle flag was restored in 2004, and is in the "Capitol Collection" in Atlanta. For information, click HERE!

..."We care not for the color of the arm that strikes the invader of our homes."
Black Confederates? For the 9th Georgia's resolution, Click HERE!

There is also a DESCENDANT'S PAGE! Click HERE! There are 160 of us! If you had an ancestor in the 9th Georgia Infantry Regiment, come and join us! There are photos, swords, reunion ribbons, letters and other documents linked from this page!!

Richmond Dispatch newspaper article of Aug. 28, 1863. Details how 5 men of the 9th Georgia escaped from Delaware after being captured at Gettysburg, and making their way back to Confederate lines. Click HERE!

Letters from Pvt. James Daniel of K Company, shot three times at the battle of Deep Bottom, Va., Oct. of 1864 (close to Petersburg). According to Jack Scott, who submitted these letters, family legend states that "I don't know if you're aware that his leg was amputated by a captured Yankee doctor. It seems they were charging Yankee positions when he took a minnie ball in one leg and fell but before he hit the ground he took two more minnie balls in his other leg, one in the ankle and one in his knee. After the battle the stretcher bearers rolled him over and one said "he's too far gone there's no need to take him in", but the other one recognized him and said "that's Jim Daniel from Americus, if there's any chance at all we'll take him in". Click HERE!

Actual photos of brothers in the 9th Georgia, Click HERE!

Newspaper articles:
" 'Tis with feelings of deepest sorrow that we recount the many who fell upon this stubbornly contested field; yet 'tis with pride that we recall how bravely they fought and nobly fell."The Confederate Union of Milledgeville, Ga. (the State Capitol at the time) Aug.11, 1863, re: the 9th at Gettysburg-click HERE!

"Capt., tell my father and mother I died for my country".The Athens Southern Banner of Athens, Ga., July 23, 1863, last words of Pvt. Jackson Giles, boyhood friend of Capt. Hillyer, killed in action at Gettysburg (spoken just after a Union artillery shell ripped off his leg), click HERE!

All (43) known photos of the men in the regiment, click HERE!


The "Southern Cross of Honor"...originally known as the "Southern Cross of the Legion of Honor". "Deo Vindice" is Latin for "God Our Vindicator". For the medal's history, click Here!
This medal was earned by Sgt. John C. Dyson, of A Company.

Awarded for "an exhibition of dauntless, unyielding courage in the face of overwhelming odds". Verification of the action was required by two other CSA soldiers, as witnesses, in writing to the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Heard the "Confederate National Hymn"? Click the "God save the South" graphic!

One stanza fron the hymn;
God made the right stronger than might,
Millions would trample us down in their pride.
Lay Thou their legions low, roll back the ruthless foe,
Let the proud spoiler know God's on our side.
Let the proud spoiler know God's on our side.

Ordinary men performing Heroically....
Dedicated to ALL the brave men of the entire Regiment, and to my ancestors, the four brothers, their brother-in-law, and a cousin, from a small town, Americus, Georgia (Sumter County)....
What an incredibly HEROIC group of men! Is it any wonder it took the world's best equipped army, 3 times their size, 4 years to subdue them?

My Great, Great Uncle...Pvt. William A. Edwards
-K Company,9th Ga.Killed in action at Gettysburg, Pa. 3 July, 1863

My Great, Great Grandfather...Pvt. Jacob W. Cobb, Jr.
-K Company,9th Ga.-Wounded at least twice. Once at the Seven Days in May of 1862 (by Federal artillery), where he was captured, exchanged and spent six months in Confederate hospitals in Richmond, and wounded and hospitalized again in the Shenandoah Valley in 1864. (Record# 37117)

A Cousin, Pvt. James H.H. Cobb...
Died in Georgia, 16 Dec. 1862.(Henderson's "Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865")

My Great, Great Uncle, Pvt. Theo F. Logan...
-K Company,9th Ga.
Wounded in action and captured at The Wilderness, 6 May 1864.

My Great, Great Uncle..Pvt. Avery Cobb-
K Company,9th Ga.-Wounded at Gettysburg, 2 July,1863, attacking the Wheatfield, and again (disabled) at Spotsylvania in 1864.(Record# 37056)

My Great, Great Uncle..Lieutenant William A. Cobb-
K Company,9th Ga.-Wounded severely (disabled), attacking the Wheatfield at Gettysburg, 2 July, 1863.(Record# 37205)

My Great, Great Uncle..Pvt. James A. Daniel-
K Compamy,9th Ga. Wounded in both legs, severely, leg amputated at Deep Bottom, Va., Sept. 30, 1864. Retired, disabled, Jan. 20,1865.(Record# 46447)

....and my other Great, Great Grandfather..Pvt. James W. Castleberry-
G Company,60th Ga.-Wounded three times, once at Fredericksburg, Dec.1862 when 15 years old, (3 fingers amputated) having joined the CSA Army at 14, and again at the Wilderness, May 1864 (shot twice-in right thigh, shot in hip).(Record#32352) (Photo below)

(I have been told by family members that I bear quite a resemblance to Pvt. Castleberry)

Two more of my Confederate ancestors-Photo of GGUncle Alexander Edmond Edwards (age 11 or 12)drummer boy, and GGGrandfather James Wiley Castleberry (age 14 or 15), G Company, 60th Georgia Infantry, wounded three times during the war. With such young men (boys?) as these, the South was desperately trying to stop the Union Army. May GOD have mercy on men sent to war so young! Photo courtesy of "History Of Sumter County, Georgia" by Jack F. Cox, Library of Congress Catalog Number 83-050158. Used with permission of author, Mr. Cox.

Table below shows how out-numbered and out-gunned Confederate regiments were during the war.

Strengths of the Civil War Armies:

Confederate Regiments

Union Regiments

642 Infantry

2,144 Infantry, 9 Light Infantry

137 Cavalry

272 Cavalry

16  Artillery

61 Heavy Artillery

227 Batteries

432 Batteries

13 Engineer

From Fox's "Regimental Losses In The American Civil War", Albany, N.Y., 1889:
"The eleven States of the Southern Confederacy had, in 1860, a military population of 1,064,193 with which to confront the 4,559,872 of the same class, belonging to the other States and Territories."
"The severity of the losses among the Confederates, and the heroic persistency with which they would stand before the enemy's musketry, becomes apparent in studying the official returns.."
"Their generals displayed a wonderful ability in always confronting the enemy with an equal force at the point of contact."

"GOD Save The Southern Land", sheet music sold in the South during the war,
"To Be Sold For The Benefit of Soldiers and Needy Families".
Photo of sheet music cover is courtesy of:
The Rare Book, Manuscript and Special Collections Dept. of Duke University.

"The best four hours of fighting ever done by anyone, anywhere......." Lt. Gen. James Longstreet, upon observing Hood's Divsion at Gettysburg on 2 July, 1863.


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